Shock horror headline of the day


Christians target schools in 'mission'

Yes - sinister people want to infiltrate schools and indoctrinate innocent children with their pernicious religion.

School boards are being "infiltrated" it seems.

Christian followers were also encouraged to join school boards so they could have "more influence" on holding religious study in class.

Public schools are secular but can choose to "close" in the middle of the day for religious lessons.

Rationalist David Hines said the loophole allowing Christian education undermined the secular education system.

In fact education in this country has been hijacked by some extremly dangerous people and the worst of them are most certainly not Christians, they are the unwitting servants of the other guy - and they teach children unadulterated evil and have succeeded in turning two generations of New Zealand's girls  into baby murdering sluts and boys to hate themselves.

Not all the girls fortunately - some still retain a sense of decorum and femininity

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