Remember that Iranian spring thing ......


My friends the image on the left is a magazine cover from Iran that appeared on the news stands there in 1974.

In those days Iran was a staunch ally of the United States and the West.

It was ruled by the "despotic"  Shah who much caused tsk tsking amongst the progressive types.

And when the "people" rose to depose him, a loose coalition of all sorts of "revolutionaries" from communists through to religious it was believed that a new Iran would rise and Tehran would adopt the mores of Dayton Ohio.

Of course when Shahs and Tsars are overthrown the results are entirely unpredictable and looneys with looney ideas take over, seize control and remake the country in their own pathological image.

Jimmy Carter was president when the Iranian "spring" happened, though it wasn't called that then.

He let it happen, perhaps even encouraged it and then found himself totally at sea when his erstwhile ally turned into an inplacable foe.

Now we are seeing the same thing play out in Libya and  Egypt .And the elites want revolution in Syria and want us to help it happen, kidding themselves that the enemies of Bashar al-Assad will be in anyway better than him and that they will show gratitude for any assistance given.

In reality my friends they will be a lot worse and the chances of democracy as we know it breaking out in Syria are ZERO.

But we never learn.


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