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Lol - Vladimir Vladimirovich will be quaking in his boots

These two gentlemen will be meeting later today

Lawmakers urge Obama to take hard stance with Putin during G20 summit

Lawmakers want President Obama to light into Russia's Vladimir Putin when the two meet on the margins of the G20 summit in Mexico on Monday.

The meeting, planned after Putin skipped this spring's G8 meeting at Camp David, marks the first time the two meet face-to-face since Putin regained the presidency in March.

The comments on the article er well express some skepticism as to the big O's ability to, shall we say, impress his views upon the indomitable Mr Putin.

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If you live in New South Wales and you went to Church this morning, well if you are Greek Orthodox, Catholic or Anglican and you went to church this morning you will have been read a letter from your respective Bishop.

And that letter would have said in part that you should contact your MP and inform them that Gay Marriage is not in the public interest.

"It's sad that in churches this morning they will only be presented with one view," Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young told reporters on Sunday.

"Frankly, it's scaremongering at its most blatant."


As we all  know as far as Greens are concerned there is only one view that should be presented and that is their own.

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The wonders of modern life

We live in a time and place where our children are the most well nourished of any that have ever lived.

They are for the most part the healthiest generation that has ever lived.

And the actuaries tell us that of those currently under 15 half will live to attain 100 years.

Only time will tell if they are right.

But that doesn't stop pointy heads from wringing their hands and claiming: Kids obese and short of nutrients.

Obesity my friends is far more commonly found among poor children than the better off and this is an upending of the entire experience of prior generations - it is in short a symptom of our accomplishments in feeding all.

Still the middle classes may take note of the hand wringers worries and obsess perhaps about what their children are eating whilst it will all go over the heads of the poor who will continue feed their children what they can afford to feed their children.


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An absolutely extraordinary story

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Calling timeout during a firefight to breast feed the baby

This photo caused a stir a few weeks ago - it shows two American armed force personel  feeding their infants while in uniform.

You can "serve your country" and raise children it seems to be telling us. Actually you serve your country by raising children something entirely forgotten in our brave new post modern world.

Be that as it may the woman on the right, one Crystal Scott has lost her civillian job as a result of her 'activism" or so you would be led to believe if you read the Daily Mails account.

Actually she did loose her job on account of her activism - she was fired because she was giving radio interviews on company time when she was supposed to be somewhere else and driving to them in a company van  but that little detail somehow gets omitted from the Daily Mail account.

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I'll wave my magic wand and your wishes shall be granted

The Future We Want consulted 52 New Zealanders aged between 14 and 26 in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, gauging their views in the leadup to the Rio+20 Earth Summit.

52 urban young New Zealanders huh. 

They speak for all our young when they tell "The Future we want"  when they  

Rejected the notion of the "quarter-acre pavlova paradise".

New Zealand faces a raft of environmental, social and cultural issues, which are often ignored by policy makers, including excessive use of water (domestically and commercially) and the need to improve energy efficiency.

Felt let down by their representatives and said their right to contribute to conversations about the future of New Zealand was not being upheld.

Put a high value on shared commons such as public spaces, oceans and waterways and believed they should be sustained for future generations.

Thought trade should be "fair not free", with producers paid fairly for their work. Green and sustainable options must be made more affordable, more available and more acceptable.

Believed cities should be designed around people, not machines – cited the importance of reducing car usage, facilitating more effective public consultation with young people to design future cities, and encouraging more eco-friendly design.

Which is all very laudable and lovely I'm sure but for most young New Zealanders finding a way of earning a living in a declining economy is what fills their heads. 

Either that or what to wear to the school ball next Saturday night.

Source: A quest to change the world


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