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Something that is hard wired into our brains

You've all heard that sad story from Texas by now I'm sure.

The one where a young father found a man raping his five year old daughter and beat him to death.

And unsurprisingly a Grand Jury has found that his actions were entirely justifiable.

Most us us can put ourselves in the place of the man who killed the rapist - the man who was hurting his child.

Our blood boils at the thought of what that man did to this little girl.

It is inbuilt in most of us to want to protect children and to protect them from those who  have something so  entirely lacking that they could hurt them.

The man who killed his daughters rapist will have to live with that for the rest of his life and his daughter with the trauma of that day for the rest of hers.

Justice has been done and has been seen to be done but not everybody is convinced about that. Shakes head 

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Oh no - fat people a gobbling the planet up or something

Study of the day: The weight of nations: an estimation of adult human biomass

In 2005, global adult human biomass was approximately 287 million tonnes, of which 15 million tonnes were due to overweight (BMI > 25), a mass equivalent to that of 242 million people of average body mass (5% of global human biomass). Biomass due to obesity was 3.5 million tonnes, the mass equivalent of 56 million people of average body mass (1.2% of human biomass). North America has 6% of the world population but 34% of biomass due to obesity. Asia has 61% of the world population but 13% of biomass due to obesity. One tonne of human biomass corresponds to approximately 12 adults in North America and 17 adults in Asia. If all countries had the BMI distribution of the USA, the increase in human biomass of 58 million tonnes would be equivalent in mass to an extra 935 million people of average body mass, and have energy requirements equivalent to that of 473 million adults.

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I'm probably a philistine but ......

The portraits of two different female human beings, painted about 130 years apart.

A reproduction of one of these paintings hangs on my living room wall where I can see it every day, the other has just won a major award. and will never, in either original or reproduction, ever find a space to hang in my home.


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Identifying the huge logic fail is left as an exercise for the reader

My head is spinning.

Try as I might I cannot see any connection between Noah's Ark and gay "marriage".

Never the less there is one if an opinion piece that was sent to me is to be believed.

It seems that science cannot verify the Biblical story of Noah as related in Genesis therefore we have to choose the science over the Bible's account.

Which implies the Bible is wrong in its view of homosexuality.

Which means we should all embrace gay marriage.


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World Leaders pictured in times of crisis

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Remember that Iranian spring thing ......

My friends the image on the left is a magazine cover from Iran that appeared on the news stands there in 1974.

In those days Iran was a staunch ally of the United States and the West.

It was ruled by the "despotic"  Shah who much caused tsk tsking amongst the progressive types.

And when the "people" rose to depose him, a loose coalition of all sorts of "revolutionaries" from communists through to religious it was believed that a new Iran would rise and Tehran would adopt the mores of Dayton Ohio.

Of course when Shahs and Tsars are overthrown the results are entirely unpredictable and looneys with looney ideas take over, seize control and remake the country in their own pathological image.

Jimmy Carter was president when the Iranian "spring" happened, though it wasn't called that then.

He let it happen, perhaps even encouraged it and then found himself totally at sea when his erstwhile ally turned into an inplacable foe.

Now we are seeing the same thing play out in Libya and  Egypt .And the elites want revolution in Syria and want us to help it happen, kidding themselves that the enemies of Bashar al-Assad will be in anyway better than him and that they will show gratitude for any assistance given.

In reality my friends they will be a lot worse and the chances of democracy as we know it breaking out in Syria are ZERO.

But we never learn.



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