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Through circumstances beyond the control of management blogging will be light over the next few days.

Never the less on reviewing my regular reads I came across a Kestral at Gecko's, an image that inspired KG  to thoughts on falconry.

I happened to have this fine image lying around - so why not share?

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Meanwhile in Queensland .......

Whaleoil is repeating "marriage equality" propaganda again - two posts already today on the inevitability of un natural marriage. 

But in Queensland hurriedly introduced legislation by the outgoing Labor Government is being rolled back.

Outrage ensues

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Shock horror headline of the day

Christians target schools in 'mission'

Yes - sinister people want to infiltrate schools and indoctrinate innocent children with their pernicious religion.

School boards are being "infiltrated" it seems.

Christian followers were also encouraged to join school boards so they could have "more influence" on holding religious study in class.

Public schools are secular but can choose to "close" in the middle of the day for religious lessons.

Rationalist David Hines said the loophole allowing Christian education undermined the secular education system.

In fact education in this country has been hijacked by some extremly dangerous people and the worst of them are most certainly not Christians, they are the unwitting servants of the other guy - and they teach children unadulterated evil and have succeeded in turning two generations of New Zealand's girls  into baby murdering sluts and boys to hate themselves.

Not all the girls fortunately - some still retain a sense of decorum and femininity


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Of course back then people didn't live forever and ever the way they do now ....

Happy days.

They didn't know about dying from causes of preventable death back then so the motorcyclist can enjoy his cigarette in blissful ignorance as he poses a snapshot is taken of sunny Sunday afternoon outing.

No helmets, seatbelts or child restraints, just good company and the wind in your hair.

Now-a-days we know better and lest anyone slip back into the bad habits of days of yore we have the Advertising Standards Authority to pull up anybody who might imply, however inadvertantly, that a boy might have  leaped into a river without adult supervision in a television commercial.


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Have you seen this ship?

MV Alaed last sighted 50 miles North of Scotland.

This ship is believed to be on route from Kalingrad to Syria carrying three refurbished Soviet era helicopters.

It is feared that if it reaches Syria these helicopters may be used to interfere with the peace loving wahabists of the Middle East as they go about their lawful business of assinations and suicide bombings.

Any sightings should be reported to Hillary Clinton or David Cameron.


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The New York Times shrugs ....

A Pointless Partisan Fight - they say.


Fast and Furious is just a botched sting operation, says the NYT.

Is that so?

Hundreds of dead Mexicans, killed by guns the Federal Government purposely and deliberately allowed to fall into the hands of Mexican Drug cartels is not a matter worthy of Congressional oversight?

Apparently not - if you are a NYT reader.


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